Our WordPress Servers running our optimized WP stack will load vanilla installs in under 0.3 seconds, even under heavy loads.

Wordpress specific servers

Launch fast, stay fast

Wordpress is fast out of the box, but traffic spikes can interfere with your ability to serve all your customers when not in your idle state.

If your WP site ever falters during mission critical high traffic events, get in touch! Our LiteSpeed WP stack can handle significant levels of concurrent traffic and maintain your hard earned lightening load speeds.

We can assess your requirements and ensure your setup sits on the correct spec hardware. Unlike many hosts, we ensure your hardware is substantial from the outset and not running lean with an option to burst.

Why trust your site to 8 ageing cores in an off the shelf host when you can run on latest generation Xeon Gold 40 core CPUs for only a fraction more?

WordPress optimised dedicated servers including fully managed stack start at £4k + VAT per annum + license fees.
Get in touch for a ‘no pressure’ quote.