Magento 2 managed hosting services

Its no secret that Magento 2 is a beast to manage. The only way to handle it is with a carefully curated stack!

How is our stack different?

Well, its not!

It still starts with Linux, Apache (Varnish + Redis), MySQL and PHP-FPM.  We take the recommended Magento2 stack settings and set them up in a strict and secure way.

The devil however is, as always, in the detail.

All elements of the driving software are tuned for performance and the stack is setup with your e-commerce requirements firmly in mind.

We then add a dynamic element and re-assess your usage and requirements regularly, tweak your settings further and if needed swap out technologies until the most effective software assembly has been reached for your unique project.

We do not bundle in unnecessary software useful for some and not others, and we do not bloat the stack with add-ons and extensions.

Out of the box our server stack delivers blistering performance when paired with our dedicated hardware.

The only thing that will slow it down is your code, and we can offer advice and support on how to reduce the impact this can have.

Our best Magento 2 hosting platform yet…

To ensure that your Magento 2 website reaches its full potential in 2023, it’s crucial to select a hosting provider that offers not only a fast, secure, and stable platform but also exceptional customer support. At our hosting company, we pride ourselves on being a top choice for website owners seeking a quality managed Magento 2 hosting provider. We invest heavily in our hosting infrastructure and team to provide a reliable, honest, and personal experience to all our clients. Since our founding in 2004, our main priority has been to offer a better way of hosting to our valued clients.

Fully Managed Stack

We maintain every element of the stack, from security and access to updates and maintenance. You are still in full control and we can assist with all requirements.

Caching, Caching, Caching

Layer upon layer of cashing is the key to getting the most out of M2. We work with all CDNs and we will implement Varnish and Redis or Litespeed Caching depending on your needs.

Upgrade when ready

We’ll let you know when performance upgrades are available and we’ll work with your developers to ensure a smooth and stable upgrade path.


Dedicated servers with M2 stacks start at £4500 + VAT per annum (excluding license fee if applicable)

Get in touch for a ‘no stress’ quote.