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We offer bespoke dedicated servers co-located in our racks at the award winning 4D Datacenter in Byfleet

State of the art eco facilities

4D Datacenters offer ultra-fast connectivity and robust cyber security solutions within an environmentally focused facility. They guarantee power and connectivity to our services enabling us to offer our clients reliable, safe and optimized services in turn.

Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

We have partnered with Dell EMC and only offer latest generation PowerEdge servers built to our specification for our clients.

Hardware Support

Our servers are all covered by Dell’s 4 hour mission critical on-site hardware support from launch until retirement.

36 Month Lifecyle

All production servers have a 3 year lifecycle after which they are retired to non-essential redundant services.

Redundancy Built In

All storage solutions are fully redundant ensuring no single point of failure can affect your data.

Fully Managed Hardware

All our servers are fully managed and regularly audited for security and stability

Server Monitoring

All servers are fully monitored for stability and connectivity and failed redundant hardware is replaced swiftly with minimal disruption.

Transparency and performance

Many hosts only provide off the shelf servers that have been in circulation for many years. These dated machines may provide a reasonable number of cores and memory, however compute and bus speeds can be poor resulting in underperformance and service delays. Upgrades can be expensive and yield few results.

We provide full transparency and will detail your entire server specs. All hardware is brand new and latest generation. After assessing your requirements we will provide sufficient resources to ensure your services always run at maximum speeds, even under peak loads.

Speak to our dev team

We’re not like other hosts. Speak to us directly to find out more about our dedicated servers and services.